Royal is embarking on a new chapter of his musical career with the release of his latest video for ‘Power‘.

Upbeat rhythms are juxtaposed with soft synths and ambient vocal samples, which in turn are contrasted with Royal’s own deep baritone vocals.

The general theme in the lyrics to ‘Power‘ is that once you realize that you have the power to change the world around you, not tomorrow but right now, the world becomes your oyster. The theme is reminiscent of Royal’s previous single ‘Bring Me Down‘, which also focused on self empowerment and reflecting on a past where things were not exactly going his way.

With its uplifting message and energetic vibes, ‘Power‘ is being released at a time when it is much needed in a music industry where the poor mental health of musicians all over the world has been put in focus.

“This song means a lot to me. It encapsulates everything I’ve been through and everything I have become, yet still highlighting the improvements that need to be made in my life. I came out of a depressive state to feeling powerful. #Power