DopeSol brings “cool” back to hiphop with “No Stars”

I by no means, consider HiphopScope an opinion-based blog, but I believe that “No Stars” fills a void in a forgotten niche, and DopeSol attempts to fill that void.

Starting it off with aggressive flows over hard hitting production in “Coach Dope”, displaying his versatility in his flows right out of the gate. In “Coach Dope”, he talks about how he is knocking on the door and stepping in after the Drake and Wiz Khalifa wave. He also briefly touches on his distrust in the police after a situation that occurred with his father in the past.

The tone starts to lighten up throughout the course of the album with “All I Do”, “Bombay and Cider” and “Doutee”. Here he gives you a bit of himself. Talking about being from the westside of Baltimore and his infatuation with “lighting up”

Kenneth Cole gives you a bouncy feel, but the lyrical content lets you know that shit is real…..reminding you that, unlike a handful of artists, that he writes ALL of his own raps and that he’s on a mission to put himself and his people on. The contrast in the lyrical content and the production makes this song very satisfying and offers great replay value.

One of my personal favorites on the mixtape is “Whole Sale” which is very catchy, and I often find myself walking around that house singing “rock star lifestyle, might not make it!” Check it out below.

All in all, No Stars is a VERY solid effort that gives you a refreshing feel of “cool” a era right now where we have lean sippers, pill poppers, trappers, while on the other end of the spectrum having the more lyrical, introspective and conscious coming from Kendrick Lamars, Wales and J. Coles of the world. DopeSol defenitely offers the middle-ground that we need with No Stars. He delivered this project just in time for the summer. The entire mixtape is below.