Axel Leon’s album Juicus Christ is here! The Bronx-Latino rapper let’s us know that the Bronx will continue to headline the hip hop scene with trendy trap infused songs like “Real Life” to street melodic testaments like “Regrets.” We got a solid taste of what Puerto Rican-American Rapper Axel is bringing to the album from his recent freestyle at the BET Hip Hop Awards. The 12 track album Juicus Christ is a soundtrack for Axel’s rise from the Bronx underground hip hop scene. The album, produced by NaviBeats, references his street upbringings on tracks like “Real Life” to his savvy lyricism on “High Rollers.” Axel Leon says, “There ain’t nothing to it but honesty. This shit is up to the people to feel the vibes and understand where I came from. I’m using the talent God gave me to show y’all what it feels like for someone who’s been through what I’ve been through to get out these streets.” Juicus Christ is out now and available for download.