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No rumors, No gossip talk…..strictly music.

Hiphop has been blamed for a lot of the wrongs in the world. This has been going on for decades. What’s the first thing that comes to the average persons mind when they think of Hip Hop? Let me guess….violence, braggiado, and misogynistic lyrics right? There’s been a negative stigma attached to Hip-Hop and it’s known by the masses to be associated with VIOLENCE. It needs to be known that there are artists out here who really do it for the essence and pure love of the culture. People who put their blood, sweat & tears into this music. Emcees who put their all into their craft and do it for the progression of this culture. The content in hip hip goes way beyond the negative aspects that the labels often push, and masses often complain about. These emcees often go unheard, so this website was created to be a platform for these artists. We’re doing this FOR THE CULTURE.

This website is not only dedicated to up-and-coming talent, but also dedicated to artists who BEEN doing this music thing under the radar. But we love fresh new talent. It’s like a breath of fresh air. We love hearing the hunger in artists. We love hearing the rawness, and seeing that rawness be developed into talent with direction.

We know that there is a core audience out there whose main concern is the music and music only. We want to cater to that core audience. We may take a hit in site traffic due to the the lack of gossip, rumors and bullshit headlines that often draw people in, but we think it’s worth it to protect the mission and integrity of this website.

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